ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 20, 2011
BORN: September 10, 1988
BIRTHPLACE: Toronto, Ontario
HEIGHT: 5'10"
Significant Other: James Conran
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My girl Kelly Oxford perfectly styling the Chainmaille Bib. Get yours now - http://bauble.it/QAbcmg


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Guess who's taking over the @BaubleBar Instagram today!? Follow along for an inside peek at my new collection! #ohsococobb


So excited to spill some big news with BaubleBar... be sure to follow @BaubleBar as I take over their instagram tomorrow! #ohsococoBB


Historians say Cleopatra slept in a gold mask every night to maintain her youthful skin. Supposedly these 24k gold under-eye masks will do the trick. My first time experimenting with this extravagant luxury!