ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 20, 2011
BORN: September 10, 1988
BIRTHPLACE: Toronto, Ontario
HEIGHT: 5'10"
Significant Other: James Conran
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Still enjoying getting to #StyleTheBump each day! Sunglasses by Westward Leaning, top by Marissa Webb, leggings by Isabella Oliver and shoes by Diesel Black & Gold. πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘


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The gorgeous #LilyJames last night, posing in front of the Butterfly Petal Skirt and Dauphine Shell Blouse I designed for my #Cinderella collection! Want it? You can order now at HSN - http://www.whosay.com/l/HAEae7y


Well this is a first for me - I spy Jackie Miranne wearing a dress I designed while interviewing the amazing #CateBlanchett on the Disney #Cinderella red carpet!! The collection was inspired by the film and is coming to HSN in a few days!


In today's installment of #SundayStories - why Steven Meisel once stopped a Vogue shoot to have me watch a DVD. πŸ’ΏπŸ’‹ I've always believed that models should be like actresses from the silent era of motion pictures - able to convey a story or emotion with just their face and pose. For me the best shoots are always the ones that have a theme or story behind them, where the model gets to play a real character that both she and the camera enjoy. The picture you see here is from one of the editorials I shot for Vogue while they were filming their documentary "The September Issue" back in 2007. For this particular shot Steven Meisel told me that I would be playing a version of Audrey Hepburn's character in the film 'Funny Face'. The only problem was, I'd never seen that movie. Back in those days we didn't all have smart phones with access to YouTube so Steven sent a producer out to go find the DVD and bring a laptop for me to watch it on. He could have just shown me a still from the movie but he knew I was a huge musical fan so he let me watch the whole movie on set. I remember sitting in Pat McGrath's makeup chair watching the movie with headphones on while the other models like Sasha, Gemma Ward and Caroline Trentini came in and out of their shots. Finally, I finished the movie and was ready for my close up... πŸ’

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