ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 20, 2011
BORN: September 10, 1988
BIRTHPLACE: Toronto, Ontario
HEIGHT: 5'10"
Significant Other: James Conran
More About Me

Heres a shot from my second of three futuristic editorials I did for this months #CitizenK. Photos by John Paul Pietrus.


#ididnotwakeuplikethis #inevertakeselfies #thatwasalie #soismyhair #extensions #hashtag #hashtagmageddon


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The 'anti-gravity' - it's an advanced model pose. Let me see you try it with the tag #antigravitypose Xx Coco


We're ready, are you!? Amanda d eCadenet's #Undone is coming up live in 3 minutes right after #ProjectRunway on Lifetime!


Tonight is the premiere of my friend Amanda de Cadenet's new show #Undone and I'm lucky enough to be her featured guest! Tune in, we'll be on LIVE right after #ProjectRunway on Lifetime!

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