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BORN: March 17, 1979
BIRTHPLACE: California
HEIGHT: 5'2"
Significant Other: Ice-T
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 2, 2011
HOMETOWN: California
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Born in Tarzana California, March,17th 1979. Early childhood was brought up in Palos Verdes, Cailifornia. The name Coco,was adopted by my half/brother, 20 years ago. He couldn't say my name Nicole so it went from Cole Cole to Coco and stuck ever since.

My parents,Tina and Steve Austin,were both actors and met as children on the set of "Bonanza".They were married 9 years but divorced when I was 6 years old.... I've very much of a family person and are very close to both parents.I was the first child of 5 children on my dads side,definitely a daddy's girl.Grew up a tomboy that loved girlie clothes.My dad would always engage me into being very athletic & play guy sports such as football,karate and ride quads.My mom on the other hand,is the entertainer and introduced me to theater,dance and preforming arts.She is very creative and artsy which got me involved in preforming in many musical plays and also got me into dance class......(Jazz,tap,Ballet,Hiphop)at a young age and continue through my adult life.My mom has 1 other child,my sister Kristy,who is my best friend and we are a year apart.

At 11 to 18 years my mom moved my sister,Kristy and I to Albuquerque,New Mexico.. there I went to Massage therapy school and worked at a gym where you could find me teaching aerobics class.

When did I get the entertainment bug? When i was 14 years old, I entered a Model and Talent search for Beverly Hills Studios,in California.I was 1 of 5 winners that got a scholarship to their school. A fun tid-bit is Jessica Alba was in my class with me too.

At 18 I started competing in contests and fitness competitions.I won Miss Ujena Fitness in 1998. I then started my modeling career in swimsuits and lingerie and did countless, calendars,videos, and print work.Since I was only 5'2 at 135 pounds with measurements like 39-23-40 I was limited to just body modeling..I then caught Playboy's eye and worked for them..You can see my recent layout in March 2008 issue.

I met IceT on a movie set in California 2002 when I was 22 years old, through a producer friend. We were inseparable after that and eloped in Vegas.We've been in a relationship for 10 years now and at the moment we have no children together.Right now my main residence is in New Jersey,where Ice films Law and Order year round.He's going on 10 years with NBC!We also have,what we call our family home,in Arizona and in Sunny Isles Beach Florida we have our vacation spot. is my official website.I started it for fun and now receives 1,000,000 hits a week.Its a sexy fansite where you can view pictures of me on the red carpet and events or photos with me with my family and friends or you can browse my "Private Zone" where they're are 100's of processional modeling photos are sold including my Playboy photos to homemade videos. is my merchandise store..There you can purchase, calendars,posters,autographed 8x11's and DVD's and coming soon....books,fitness items and womens apparel.

My "Licious" Clothing line will be out October 2010.It will be jeans and apparel made for the modern,curvy women but don't worry all stretch fabrics will be used in the materials which means everybody can wear it!

In recent years a barrage of media inquires have also boosted from shooting 50 magazine covers and many other pictorials in popular magazines,one of which,is Smooth magazine,where I was the best selling cover to my Official Coco Magazine! Its a whole book from front to back of interviews and 60 plus photos of me.Each issue is shot in a different city.Currently I have 8 issues! (Look in the mag gallery here on the blog to see all the covers)

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