ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 2, 2011
BORN: March 17, 1979
BIRTHPLACE: California
HEIGHT: 5'2"
Significant Other: Ice-T
More About Me

L&O wrap party!Moment with my boo.Very rare pic w/Ice grinning big cuz he's such a serious person normally


Ice Loves Coco

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"It was an itsy bitsy tiny weeny".... Lol more behind the scenes shots for Show Magazine Summer issue coming soon!


Exercise of the week "Cable Kickbacks" -really lean in & kick high in ankle straps. Low weight high reps. Great for building the top of the butt! (Workout from Coco's workout world app)


For the feet lovers.I get asked everyday to see my toes,feet & nails. Not too bad for a girl that wears heels all day #FeetFetish

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