ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 15, 2011
BORN: December 22
BIRTHPLACE: Jacksonville, Florida
HEIGHT: 5'8"
Significant Other: I'm not married
More About Me

So if this is my NYC cab ride home... #fuzzydice #ritarocksitbetter #flamingsummer


Go see Nick @urbonyc for an escape from Times Square! Fluke crudo & a Negroni with my @rmastrosimone. Happy belly


My favorite summer pairing is finally out for @PinnacleVodka Pinterest page - It's one of the easiest & best recipes I've done & I'm so excited to share! Here's a hint...


Check out #americangrilled on @travelchannel tonight at 9pm EST to find out the frog butt journeys to our belly... @BayouBakery @ColePepper


Can't wait to see the new #AmericanGrilled at 9pm EST on @travelchannel. I had so much fun guest judging! Y'all please check it out :-)


I'm a guest judge on new @travelchannel show #AmericanGrilled! Airs tomorrow night & all I can say is... Frog Legs!!!

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