ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 4, 2014
BORN: May 12, 1972
BIRTHPLACE: Toronto, Canada
Significant Other: America Olivo Campbell
More About Me

Likely my only chance to get this moment. Thanks to @vitamindwayne for this great shot. Me and Mr Oscar won for best screenplay for #Birdman by the uber writer and mensch @AlexDinelaris #PlayersAfter


@AlexDinelaris cowrote my favorite movie this year. Birdman. He's a fellow member of The Players and so deserving of the best screenplay win. This was Friday night down at the club. #PlayersAfter


Yup it's this cold and snowy today. Reminded my of a pic at our cottage in Muskoka. That's my dad. He's awesome.


We gaze outside our window on sunny Sunday in NYC @TheAmericaOlivo What is this fiery ball in the sky? Is this sunlight? In February? We'd forgotten what vitamin D feels like.


Thank you @ErikCanuel for letting me drive my stunts #BadHairDay @MattEddyLA @lauramarano @L_A_Baker @AstonMartin


Movie magic behind the scenes tonight. @ErikCanuel @MattEddyLA @L_A_Baker @lauramarano #BadHairDay

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