ON WHOSAY SINCE: Oct 12, 2011
BORN: January 5, 1968
HEIGHT: 5'6"
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#lifewithdogs # Lola #dogs ummm.. Excuse me, this is my hip opener time, not snuggletime. ;) hard to resist!!!!


EXTENSIONS!! #Hair is fun #haircrazy #fakefakefake Thank you @AMOrzano LOVE YOU!!! and special thanks to @joannes fabric store! :) lol (LONG STORY)


This is my #Tazzie boy. He's got 1 kidney that only has 10%function. He's lost 9 lbs over the last 6 months.. he's not eating as much as he used to. He gets 300 mls of wAter through his tube in intervals of three hours a day. He's got #chronicRenalFailure #cat #feline But he's a trouper!! And I love him so!!!! I have the best doctors Dr Sherri Ross and Dr Larry Cowgill (UCDavis) and we manage!! :) I'm so grateful to have such support! And for those of you who have a kitty with #crf this is the best source of information!!!!! http://www.whosay.com/l/yho92HT


Is it okay to be jealous of the beauty of your #cat?? Lol! Damn #Blizzard... Looking gorgeous first thing this morning!!!!! Meanwhile I look like I was lost at sea for three weeks this early morning! ;)


HI! I have a project where I need a gorgeous, authentic female italian singer. Classical…


#cats #dreams My little blind 20 yr old cat inspires me everyday. Go Squeaker go!! Yes, she took over the dog bed!

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