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TAZZIE update... Tazzie is resting well. We are so grateful for all your love and support. It has given him energy today. I can see in his eyes that he is not feeling well. He is much stiller than usual. But I can feel he is absorbing all the love and it is lifting him up today. He has received your beautiful love in the past and it has healed him from the places where doctors were surprised. He continues to surprise us all with his strength and his ability to respond to love. He feels it, he allows it to wrap around him...and I know that if he could, he would thank each one of you. Thank you all for being a part of this journey. As his friend, as his mommy, as his human companion, I thank you all. You have helped us have this time together and we will fill each moment with love and celebrate each moment. We slept together wrapped around each other on the sofa,last night with all the other fur babies nearby, showering him with love. They all kissed him when we got home....happy to have their brother returned safely to them. And now he is resting quietly next to me as I write this update. He was able to go outside today and lay in the fresh air for a bit....I see the weakness in his hind legs. But I follow his lead. He knows what is best for him. My job is to respond and be there for him in any way i can. I made that vow when we decided to share our lives together...Forever. No matter what, no matter how difficult, I will be there for him. And we thank you for being there with us.


Please of you could all say a little prayer for my boy Tazzie. We are at the doctors today and he's not doing well....


To all my friends and family, My dear cat Tazzie is not doing well. His one remaining kidney is shutting down... The doctors who have saved his life times before have said he doesn't have much time left. I'm devastated and in shock at hearing this.. He is my rock. Taz is my rock-- my cloud of love that I can rest my weary head upon when the world is crumbling around me. He is my comfort and he is my friend and he has been my strength for so many years. He is my true solitude... I just ask for prayers for his beautiful courageous soul and for strength and courage for myself as we embark down this journey together. I ask for prayers of love and support that he is wrapped every moment he has left, in a blanket of beautiful love as he has always provided me with the same. He has lived a miraculous life. He is a miracle. And I'm still praying for miracles. I know life is short... Sometimes too short.. But I only ask to make his as sweet as we possibly can... Everyone moment we will share. Thank you for taking the time to read this... And if you can for your prayers and love... And thank you Taz. For being my love... We will do this with courage and grace... Grateful for every moment and every miracle that has allowed us to be together.


#RIP #GabrielGarciaMarquez 100 years of Solitude - one of the best novels ever written. …

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