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BORN: January 17, 1990
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 31, 2012

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

  • Peanut butter addicted.
  • Only child.
  • I love food !!!
  • My fans are my treasure !
  • "I want to touch the heart of the world, and make it smile"...


Carlos Arrechea was born in Playa, Havana, Cuba, under the sign of Capricorn. He is an actor. From childhood his life has been linked to the world of acting. His career began at age 6. The young actor immigrated to Miami in 2002 with his mother and grandfather, who became his father figure after the death of his father, Carlos. His family was not very sympathetic to his passion for art. To please them, Carlos began studying psychology, but still wanting to materialize his dream and realized that his future was acting. He dropped out of psychology and began to study acting full time to profile his talent professionally.

Throughout his career, Carlos has participated in novelas such as "Mas sabe el diablo", "El Cartel 2" and "Alguien Te Mira" which aired on Telemundo. Carlos has worked on 6 theater plays in Miami, and in the short films "Fate's Decree" , and "El Manantial".

Renowned magazine People en Español featured the young actor as "new face" of acting.

In February of 2011, he signed with Nickelodeon and joined the TV series "Grachi" a teen fantasy and adventure telenovela where he personifies "Sebastian", a typical funny teenager but very noble that hates taking a bath or brushing his teeth. He is also one of the most popular kids at the school "Escolarium", and he is part of the swim team called "The Sharks". Grachi is viewed internationally and has been sold to over 52 countries, including in Italy, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela, and 36 French-speaking territories, including France, Belgium and Switzerland.

After he finished taping the second season of "Grachi", he started working with Univision, in their second original production, "El Talisman", where he played the role of "Juancho".

This young Cuban is capturing the attention of all for his great talent and simplicity.

Carlos is currently taping the third season of "Grachi" in Miami that will air in 2013.

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