ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 31, 2012
BORN: January 17, 1990
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"If you are following your passion, you are on your way to finding your purpose." #CastingMode Good night y'all ! 😊


Hey Ray, step by step I am taking over your soul... #SceneStudy @StellaAdler #LoneStar


"You are the Director of your life. Choose the happy ending. You can run this show so that it lights up Broadway or you can run it into a ditch. Choose your cast carefully and wisely. Bring those on board who hold a harmonizing viewpoint, those who will support you all the way. They need not be of the same talents and probably should not. Build your cast of supporting actors so that each brings out the best in the others. Working together with the same objective in mind, putting forth your unique strengths, will have a powerful, synergistic, magical payoff. Light the Marquee!!! It's a SMASH!!" #HappyTuesday #BeGrateful #BeHAPPY


Week 3 - Rehearsal mode for our Scene Study Class @StellaAdler. 🎭 Meet my scene brother Roy from Lone Star by James McLure ! #LatinosEnHollywood


THANK YOU to those who have sacrificed their lives for our country. Happy #MemorialDay ! In case you forgot how blessed you are...Here's 37,000 ways to remember. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #NeverForget


Just finished a killer workout w/ @Ernestor22. Happy #MemorialDayWeekend y'all !

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