ON WHOSAY SINCE: Sep 27, 2011

So much fun last night at the powerful and inspiring @beaglefreedom Foundation event with @simonereyes, @victoriasummer and @matthewkennycuisine. #beaglefreedom #stopanimaltesting #theydeservelovetoo


Pretty sure I was only one year old here and I was already having to give someone a talking to. "Take your Big Wheel and get out of here!" #tbt #baller #shotcaller #theboss


Lloyd and I are back in business. Today Lady Lloyd stopped by for some lunch and she told me that she would need extra nuts to make up for all the nuts she's missed in her absence. She added that she wasn't just working an angle--she needs to be strong for her babies. I couldn't argue with that so I stayed out there and got sunburned because she's busy and she's got her own schedule and I need to respect her time. #lloydthesquirrel #ladylloyd #lunchdate #newmother


Kind of incredible timing that Max's Paw Pack arrived today on National Dog Day. Whenever Max gets his mail, he inspects it very carefully because this is obviously important business. We love them because they're all "organic" and that means we can eat more of the treats. That's what organic means, right? Eat as much as you want? I'm pretty sure that's it. Check them out. They'll actually give you 40% off if you order today and use the code "DOGDAY." Toys and treats!! Don't say I never gave you anything. (Besides that rash and I'm sorry about that.) #pawpack #nationaldogday #spoileddog


To celebrate National Dog Day, I give you "Wasn't Me." The story of a young Max who stole my oatmeal and then swore he had nothing to do with it. Clearly, he was innocent. #handsomemax #wasntme #ididntdoit #thief #liar


Attention everyone: Lloyd is back!!!!!! It's the greatest day in the greatest week in the history of ever!! He's skinnier and his tail has thinned and that is quite possibly because Lloyd is in fact a lady. (S)HE WAS OFF HAVING BABIES BUT LLOYD CAME HOME TODAY AND EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL! Welcome back Lady Lloyd!! You were so missed. #lloydthesquirrel #lloydcamehome #ladylloyd #nevergiveup

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