ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 23, 2012
BORN: January 28, 1983
BIRTHPLACE: Minas Gerais, Brazil
HEIGHT: 5'9"
Significant Other: Matthew McConaughey
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I am so happy for my husband!! @UTAustin Distinguished Alumni!! Now...honors a side...it is game time! What a great win!!


Shear Genius

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Hello #ATX!! I always have the best time at #ACLFest. @PaoloNutini 1st time for me, but been a fan for a while! Thank you Charlie at @aclfestival!!!


This guy is a Origami master. It was amazing to see how he just sits there, moving his hands, not even looking down at the paper, and then, BOOM...as easy as that you have a bird, a dog, a sheep. All kinds of animals out of paper!!


Making Origami paper...their philosophy is that it is good for your brain to work with your hands!

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