ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 23, 2012
BORN: January 28, 1983
BIRTHPLACE: Minas Gerais, Brazil
HEIGHT: 5'9"
Significant Other: Matthew McConaughey
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Thank you @KAUFMANFRANCO! Looking forward to more!! Love LOVE this dress so much, I may have to wear it again...since we didn't get to see the whole look. The @LouboutinWorld shoes and @anitakojewelry were killer! ;-)


Happy belated 4th of July! Sorry, I was having so much fun and didn't even touch my phone yesterday!! The snake cake and the Italian cake were a hit. I was so proud!! They were made with so much love and worth every minute of it!! Hope you're all enjoying your weekend like I am!! It is so special to have the family together! Gosh I love that!


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Finished the snake cake for Levi's birthday party today! I think he's going to be very happy. What do you think? I have never done a cake like this. It was fun!


It's just after 10pm and still at the last stop!...but almost done at @wholefoods! Heading home to try to bake this snake cake for Levi and Italian cake for CJ! Wish me luck...I never made a snake cake before!


Second stop...@Michaelsstore!! Car is filling up....

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