ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 23, 2012
BORN: January 28, 1983
BIRTHPLACE: Minas Gerais, Brazil
HEIGHT: 5'9"
Significant Other: Matthew McConaughey
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Getting ready for today! Trying things out and having fun with it! Oreos, peeps, Twinkie's, jelly beans...Let's see how it all ends up.


I love mixing different tones of nail polish! Creates a 3 dimension & depth effect without being an overpowering look!!


Shear Genius

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A fun way to start the week!! Homemade spicy sauces (one with kiwi and the other one plain) and fun shape homemade burgers!!


Just now getting a quiet moment! But what a amazing day we had! Me, mother in law, her husband and all three kids...we had THE BEST time at @Disneyland yesterday! Truly the best time. Livingston didn't even nap, because he didn't want to miss anything!