ON WHOSAY SINCE: Dec 1, 2012

Could be completely wrong, but I think I might pop up on tonight's episode of 'Twisted'. & Teri Hatcher's directorial debut! ABC Family 9/8c


Flying hair & freckles & beaches


If you want to laugh tonight, tune into Parks & Rec 8:30/7:30c on NBC! Team Chardbodies takes it to the farmers market. & It's a FUNNYY one!


I believe there's a funny, quick little sketch on Parks & Rec happening tonight, in which I appear as a dancing tooth. 8/7c NBC.


Watch out for these pals & I making a quick appearance on tonight's episode of Nashville. 10/9c on ABC! Xx


HEY! You should probably watch the season 5 premiere of GLEE tonight on FOX, 9/8c. You might catch me as a Vocal Adrenaline girl ;) Tune in!