ON WHOSAY SINCE: Dec 21, 2012
BORN: January 20, 1930
BIRTHPLACE: Glen Ridge, New Jersey
HEIGHT: 5'10"
More About Me

My proudest moment - when I saluted the flag on the moon. Today I salute those who gave their lives for our freedom.


My long time friend @gtwhitesides was also on the plane with us to Abu Dhabi to support the @uaespaceagency. #GYATM


We made it to Abu Dhabi! My son Andy landed just in time for us to go to the hotel together.


Bye Toronto! We're heading halfway round the world. @Buzzs_xtina will watch 3 movies & I'll sleep on the 12 hour Flt.


I just ran into my old friend @KipThorne at #ISDC2015. I told him he needs to read my book Encounter with Tiber.


#FBF Jim Lovell & me after our successful Gemini 12 mission when I did a successful EVA & took my space selfie.

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