ON WHOSAY SINCE: Dec 21, 2012
BORN: January 20, 1930
BIRTHPLACE: Glen Ridge, New Jersey
HEIGHT: 5'10"
More About Me

Decided to eat, work & play on the beach today. Much better back yard here in FL than busy Wilshire Blvd was in LA.


I was walking a back way at #SpaceSymposium & ran into these ROTC cadets. I don't think they knew who I was. Maybe they'll realize it later.


I'm in CO at #SpaceSymposium explaining to @DLR_en why we should cooperate to get to the moon as an Int'l effort. Let's not compete.


#TBT My Gemini 12 spacewalk. Five and half hours of floating weightless at 17,000 mph circling the globe every 90 mins


Judy & I went to @ExplorersClub Annual Dinner in NY honoring @neiltyson. Cockroach hors d'oeuvres were served. Yuck!


#DidYouKnow that moon rocks have their own bodyguards? Stuart is guarding the UK's Apollo 17 moon rock @BBCStargazing

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