ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 8, 2011

REDBULL AIR RACES 9/5-9/7 - 2014 ; TMS Host facility - Business Air Host FBO - REDBULL B…


“Business Air’s 2007 Eclipse 500 is available to charter and seats up to 5 passengers. With its quiet cabin and low carbon foot print this Very Light Jet stands out from the rest of our fleet. Based at Denton Enterprise, TX, KDTO. We think it will prove perfectly suited for local business trips, meeting clients… the 9-5 work day that begins and ends in an airplane.” Call with questions or for quotes so you don't miss this opportunity 940-898-8081.


Today in 1909 was the first monoplane flight of over one hour. The flight was is made by … http://say.ly/CpQ3tsw


On this day in 1784, Elisabeth Thible of Lyons, France, became the first woman to make an…


Today in 1928, Capt. Charles Kingsford-Smith and his crew in a Fokker F-VIIB/3m made avia… http://say.ly/qPl3r7J


Today in 1908, Léon Delagrange flies his Voisin-Delagrange in France and making aviation… http://say.ly/rDR3qAX

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