ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 7, 2012
BORN: November 7, 1969
Significant Other: Jenni Young
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Happy 400 thousand to all of you in my amazing FB community! 🙏 facebook.com/bryantmcgill I deeply wish that your life be sweet and beautiful. We all know it is not easy at times, but I have learned that incredible things are made possible simply by the way we choose to think. I have been made an unshakable believer in possibility, because of the profound blessings of life, health and wealth, which poured into my life because of the way I decided to think about and see life. You could call it faith and a quest for beauty. The beauty was actually there all along; I just had to see it. Beauty is in your life too; awaiting the moment of your realization. It is my earnest desire to show each of you how I made it to the other side with grace and ease. No one has all the answers, but what I have discovered, that worked for me, I feel obligated and delighted to share with you. And when the words that flow through me occasionally meet your mind, and possibly speak to your heart as truth, then in that moment, my calling is fulfilled. For those who do connect with the message, I can tell you that your letters and friendship are gifts I will forever cherish. I have learned that it is a high spiritual truth, that when you reach to touch something beautiful, something beautiful reaches back and touches you; thus is the relationship between writers and readers. Thank you for this relationship. I will continue to do my very best to always bring you what speaks to my heart. bryantmcgill.com simplereminders.com


This is as close as I get to strut'en ;) Get your strut on! Join me instagram.com/BryantMcGill & instagram.com/mysimplereminders


Chasing some killer snow photos yesterday! Love that mountain air!


"It is never too late to love yourself again." — Bryant McGill (Hollywood, 2011)


Me and my buddy Dr. Edward Group collaborating on our new book we are co-authoring!


So excited our dear friends and business partners were in town to see us! ❤️ Dr. Group & Daniela

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