ON WHOSAY SINCE: Sep 15, 2011
BIRTHPLACE: Hartford, Connecticut
HEIGHT: 5'7"
Significant Other: David Charvet
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Shape.com....love you guys! Great interview @caelumlifestyle - I'm so excited about 2mo…

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“Join me & @searsStyle 4 #NowAndHere style chat & virtual #fashionshow 4/14 9 pm EST. register: http://trib.al/XDMXfOX"


Dancing with the Stars

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I'm loving the new whosay app. Its so easy to communicate with you guys now. I'll send …

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#tgif. Working I'm my rise garden, making fresh soup. I'm preparing a shaved veggie salad. Look at what I picked


#FitnessFriday, Time 4 #BootyBurn. This month, fees 4 my class donate 2 The Nayeli Faith …

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