ON WHOSAY SINCE: Sep 15, 2011
BIRTHPLACE: Hartford, Connecticut
HEIGHT: 5'7"
Significant Other: David Charvet
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Another day organizing & doing busy house work. I should've had a few more kids . It's n…

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Such a blessing to paddle with my daughter & @michellegeft. Home sweet Hm in The Bu! Dolphins & stingray came to visit.


Dancing with the Stars

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Booty Burn, basketball camp, dance, karate. Days off have taken on a whole new meaning s…

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I'm the sucker who just delivered a hot pizza pocket to Shayas soccer camp. #spoiled. I couldn't resist this cutie patootie


Tripping that my daughter is feeling like a girlfriend. Yes I know the diff @ModernMom but I'm just sayin #NYC

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