ON WHOSAY SINCE: Nov 7, 2013
BORN: August 22, 1974
BIRTHPLACE: Mineola, New York
HEIGHT: 5'11"
Significant Other: Danielle Kucmierowski
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It's truly unfortunate that this world is filled with disgusting and putrid people. May t…

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So happy to be with my brutha @Bumblefoot on such an important evening... Love you man - SO happy for you my friend! #hardworkpaysoff


'Effin traffic... I'm on my way @Bumblefoot - I've got my singing voice ready brutha; you…


How's about a little sneak peek at one of the 6' standee displays that are coming my way from a friend... talk about bad-ass! #doingwork


My #wcw as always is my gorgeous Mrs. Brimstone... she's the marshmallows in my hot chocolate.


Every so often, you just need to step up and choke a #plush out! Bear got what he deserved, too happy; I HAD to beat the stuffing outta him!

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