ON WHOSAY SINCE: Nov 7, 2013
BORN: August 22, 1974
BIRTHPLACE: Mineola, New York
HEIGHT: 5'11"
Significant Other: Danielle Kucmierowski
More About Me

I'm diggin' my bad-ass Guest badge designed by the amazing Troy Don (Alice of Wonderland). I like looking at myself... #LoveIt #ImSoVain


Currently doing morning radio show with Captain Dan at Fly 92.9FM promoting #EpicCon #Ohio - Lil' Brim is a mic hog... #smh - #gotBrim


I got back to my hotel room and #PlushBrim just yelled at me for waking him up! Says he needs his beauty sleep for MY radio interview in AM.


Late night dinner and hang time with @SteveCardenasPR - Dayton; we be in you! #EpicCon


On connecting flight to #Dayton for #EpicCon appearance... looking forward to seeing all my #Ohio fans!


It's Wednesday. I love my gorgeous wife. Therefore... I dub thee my #wcw (which is always the case anyway). My little-bit gets a nod too!

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