ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 8, 2012

Happy 81st Birthday to my longtime friend #OscarWinningLegend #ShirleyJones - what an amazing lady indeed - with a fabulously wicked sense of humor that I just love! We've had so many laughs over the years! #GreatMemories


Yay - last phase of moving today. My archive collection - Part 1 of 4 walls...Lots of memories - so many great years in Hollywood. They better handle with kid gloves or I might have to cut a bitch! :) #30YearPlusCareerMemories #Thankful #Blessed #Emmys #Grammys #WalkOfFame and so much more... @Joan_Rivers @TheDonnaSummer @VWOfficial @WhoopiGoldberg @JoeDonRooney xoxox


Happy Birthday to one of my favorite friends of all time: RickyJenkins. I'm watchin' you Mr. Man....meow! 😜👍😳😳😘🎂🍰⭐️


Commercial print ad worthy family indeed! @Rusty_Joiner #CharityJoiner & The Little Diva #MissCariss #DowntownLA #WatermarkeTowers


Happy Birthday Vanessa! Girl the history we share! A 32 year journey - who the hell would of thought! U R just as fierce as ever! Love you! xoxox @VWOfficial


Hey ya'll for those of you who sent me direct messages about Ali's shoes, I touched base with her earlier this afternoon and she got them from ZARA. They are detailed with dozens of black stones - and look fabulous. xoxo

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