ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 8, 2012

Love this! Original costume from the film #Elizabeth on display @Bloomingdales - when I said to the salesperson this was just what I had in mind to wear for the 30th reunion, gal was not amused! Lighten up sister!


My daily schedule is filled with client projects, events, shopping, travel, etc but now that I've added this little angel to the mix, my life has changed a lot. Hollywood stuff is great - but it doesn't compare to the reaction on Cariss' face when we watched 101 Dalmations for the first time - she sat on my lap for an entire episode mesmerized - great attention span for a seventh month old! And like me, I think her favorite character is Cruella de Ville! Y'all that gal was givin them Dalmations hell and Cariss was just a fussin'at that iPad - fabulous!


#FlashBackFriday So nice visiting with @OscarDeLaHoya on a recent flight. It's always great crossing paths again with folks over the years. Oscar is a great guy - always very nice, very classy. #BoxingLegend #TheGoldenBoy #Multi-WorldChampionTitles #OlympicGoldMedalist


Thank you to the City of New York and the Broadway community.


Such a gorgeous arrangement from my boyz #TheCousins @ColaneriJohn @CarrinoAnthony and @colaneriJenn - pure white - so elegant and so very thoughtful. Great guys - chosen family. #ThoughtsOfJoan on this first day of Shiva


Dear Friends, Associates and of course my Social Media Family. I'm finally coming up for air - this has been the most difficult week of my life. I want to thank all of you for the support you've shown me - I've read EVERY direct message, post, e-mail and note received. My loft looks like a florist with such beautiful flowers and sweet cards. I'm so exhausted and it would take forever to "like" and respond to every post, but just know, from the bottom of my heart, your outreach and kindness truly meant the world to me. I don't believe in coincidences - I do however believe in special signs. And earlier today I realized that my mother passed away on the "4th" and her funeral was on the "7th" - and my second-mother Joan also passed away on the 4th with her funeral taking place on the 7th. I bet those two are in heaven comparing notes right about now - and sharing tons of laughter. My heart is just ripped to shreds but I know time heals - and Joan would want me to continue to "find strength in humor" - something she taught me almost 30 years ago. But today, it's particularly hard to follow her advice in this case. This week, perhaps more so than ever, I realized just how precious our time is here on earth with our loved ones. In two weeks, I will be returning home for the first time in many, many years for an "extended stay." Although just a week, I want to reconnect with as many of my old friends as possible. You have all been so amazingly supportive and I would welcome the opportunity to thank each of you if I can. I hope to see you soon. Much love, Brian

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