ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 8, 2012

Cariss doing her "Drew Brees - NyQuil Pose" - she is zonked out! Dreamin' about the next Saints game ! #WhoDat @Saints @DrewBrees


Nap-time for my little Burberry Baby.....xoxo #BabyDiva


If you love Tay's Gourmet Granola, be sure to tune into GMA's Deals & Steals on Thursday


After that train-wreck Emmy event, (Lord give me strength!) I can finally come up for air just long enough to say - of course, congrats to Jessica Lange & Kathy Bates BUT @RealRobinWright was robbed again this year! Just sayin' - but there's always next year - hopefully with the upcoming season, she will be nominated again and "three's a charm" Robin is brilliant in that role and she deserves Emmy gold. End of story. #HouseOfCards @Netflix P.S. @TelevisionAcad ya'll need to divide the acting categories "Made For Television Movies" and "Mini-Series" - there's enough productions with incredible talent to fill the nominations for both - combining them is not cool - and these deserving actors don't have a fair shot at winning. @Emmys


Happy Birthday @ShellbellThomas on this special #Emmys2014 night! Red Velvet to go with that gorgeous red dress! xoxo


#Emmys2014 are off to a great start! @VWOfficial looking amazing on the red carpet! #TripToBountiful

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