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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jun 27, 2013
HOMETOWN: Cleveland, OH


Bree Michael Warner is a juggling Star Trek Geek who can handle a gun, is dangerous with a still camera AND can act the crap out of a paper bag. No seriously, she once played a bag lady on television. It went well. As a long time Los Angeleno, first time New Yorker, Warner’s been acting for over a decade and finding herself opposite a talented bevy of cohorts, including Stephen Dorff, James Woods, and Stephen Lang in the upcoming feature film Officer Down. Playing Brogan, Dorff’s Forensics partner, Warner provides the smoking gun, helps solve the crime and proves that smart women can be sexy.

But it wasn’t always about blood splatter marks and latex gloves, Alan Ball wrote a role for her on Six Feet Under long before Dexter was even pitched. From that famed HBO series emerged a surging momentum for Warner in the world of television. She lit up opposite Matthew Fox, went toe to toe against Jill Hennesy, and even lost herself in the arms of Anthony LaPaglia.

A recent revisit to the stage earned acclaim from the critics for her leading performance in the Off-Broadway Production of Pulitzer Prize Nominee Lee Blessing’s, Two Rooms. Yet if there’s any singular truth about actors, they’re a fickle minded bunch with an insatiable thirst for all things creative. Joining the ranks of Viggo Mortensen and Dennis Hopper (both known for their prolific photographic work), Warner’s love for photography has found a growing spotlight of it’s own. Since shooting Nine Inch Nails right out the gate, her images have appeared in numerous publications with a focus on artist portraiture and album covers.

Best piece of advice Alan Arkin ever offered her was to “find a hobby you love; otherwise the business will steal your soul.” Successfully dancing the line between both sides of the lens continues to inspire her creative gene and more importantly keeps the sanity flowing (or at least as much as an actor can muster).

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