ON WHOSAY SINCE: Feb 2, 2012
BORN: April 1, 1970
BIRTHPLACE: Brooklyn, New York
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Vote on which cover you like best for I AM JACKIE ROBINSON. With or without the baseball?


Oh yes, it's that time: Vote on which cover you like best for I AM JACKIE ROBINSON. With or without the baseball? (Note, I lose every time). Book comes out next January. And yes, new thriller will hopefully be out in February.


The Fifth Assassin

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Happy 75th birthday today, Batman. Thanks for all you taught me. And for all I'm still trying to learn (and teach).


Life and art. Thanks to all who have shared these books with your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews.


Finally home, so here are the official highlights from the Decoded book tour: 10. Meeting the real Cliff Clavin in the green room and using every ounce of my strength to not do Pixar lines with him. Or Superman movie lines. Or Empire Strike Back lines (he's in them all). 9. Cousin sending me pic of Satan in Book of Mormon reading the Decoded book. 8. Having the National Archives read my post about how they're the Playboy Mansion to me -- and then when I get there, they present me with my own copy of the patent for the smoking jacket (that's Hef, baby!). 7. Personalized shampoo! 6. Visiting the Grassy Knoll for a secret special. 5. Using Lee Harvey Oswald's fake ID to get through airport security. 4. The poor security guard who made my Aunt Sally stand in the back at my NY event (oh, the guilt!). 3. Little old lady who came to Dallas event, leaned in close and whispered, "You're my number one after Pat Sajak. And Pat Sajak's my hero." 2. The below, which really happened (don't judge my readers or their use of photoshop). 1. Every single one of you who came to an event -- and those who posted to their family and friends on here, on twitter, and everywhere else. On every airplane I was on, I read them all and appreciate it more than I can express. You're truly my family. Love to you. I'm now going to take a nap.