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BORN: October 23
BIRTHPLACE: Rhode Island
HEIGHT: 5'4"
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 16, 2011

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

  • I'm a huge Sci-Fi geek (Battlestar Galactica is a fav).
  • I wrote a book called The Power of Style
  • I began my career as a therapist in a rape crisis center.
  • I have a long-haired chihuahua named Chica.
  • My weaknesses include the NYC subway system and anything made of sugar.


Bobbie Thomas is a rare breed of talent with her own style, flair, and modern-age philosophy centered on the belief that “You can be sexy and smart.” Equal parts expert and everywoman, she has created a one-of-kind niche in the style sphere as a “professional girlfriend,” eager to share her years of industry experience with all, and encouraging the use of fashion & beauty as tools to help the outside match the inside.

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