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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 22, 2013
HOMETOWN: Nashville, TN


Working their way up from the dingiest of clubs and barrooms sprawling in and

across North America's borders to the stages of European festivals performing in

front of thousands, Blacklist Royals have spent the last three years on the road

supporting their debut full length Semper Liberi… chasing the often fleeting

rock-n-roll dreams of youth like a siren song, and finding their own voice along

the way.

Their long awaited follow-up album, Die Young With Me, is a testament to that.

There was a very deliberate change in the writing process as twin brothers and

founding members Nat and Rob Rufus entered the studio to begin going through

new material with the band, and the record went on to take shape as a truly

autobiographical collection of songs. Topically revolving around the personal

account of a childhood spent battling cancer, the album unfolds as a fluid thing,

exploring new directions both sonically and lyrically with candor and heart like

never before.

Blacklist Royals will soon head back out on the roads and highways whose miles

echo through each track of their new record. As production comes to a close, the

album itself seems to spin like tires on faded blacktop, taking the listener on both

a personal and collective journey of love and heartbreak, born rolling reckless

under the star-spangled nights of America.

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