ON WHOSAY SINCE: Apr 28, 2011

The elegant Melanie Griffith & Tippi Hedren at last night's Bel-Air film festival, and the opening of Courteney Cox's heartwarming directorial debut "Just Before I Go".


Isn't it exhausting when your child throws a fit every night because they don't want to eat what you made them...?


I tore this @daughtersrising featurette out of @MarieClaire last November 2013 and it's been on my fridge since then! Alexa is now a friend of mine and she needs your help! The winner of this contest will get a huge platform through Marie Claire. VOTE HERE: http://www.whosay.com/l/Jeo9aY3 Scroll down and vote for ALEXA PHAM... "A trip to Thailand in 2011 brought Alexa Pham from New York to the mountains of Chiang Mai where she met a refugee named Ning. Ning’s mother was about to sell her as a sex slave, but Pham, now 31, managed to stop the sale. She realized Ning had no place to live or work, leaving her vulnerable to trafficking. Pham felt she had to do something. And she did, moving to Thailand last December and opening Chai Lai Orchid, an eco lodge and safe house to train at-risk women (18, thus far) for employment in the hospitality field. Proceeds from the resort directly support Daughters Rising, Pham’s anti-trafficking nonprofit, which holds monthly workshops that offer sex education and computer and literacy classes. "It's our dream that through education, awareness, and female empowerment, we can create a world free from trafficking," Pham says. Http://www.chailaiorchid.com


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Only on Opera radio... "Coming up! Clowns juggling more than just bowling pins, and a you…

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