ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jan 30, 2012

If I had a taco truck I'd be sure to have the word tacos real big on it. (So as to let pe…

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I wonder if I drop my phone again if the cracked screen will fall back into place.

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You smell like pepper.


Life is short. Get excited about the flavor of the food that you eat. #foodistasty

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Halloween is over a month away but I'm already working on my costume of a guy who doesn't…

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#Idiotest withdrawals? Watch the #SkinWarsFinale tonight with @RebeccaRomijn at 9/8c on @GSN, (it's line Idiotest with naked people sorta not really.) Followed by 2 NEW EPISODES of #Idiotest at 11/10c! Hot naked painted models and Idiots. What more do you want out of life???

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