Sofia Vergara's Family Entourage

Rollin' Deep

It takes a village.

Oct 3, 2013 | 11:45 PM

Sofia Vergara is not just part of a talented ensemble cast on-screen—the "Modern Family" actress gets support from a large, lively group of players off-screen, as well. She celebrates television's biggest awards—her Emmys, her Golden Globes—with members of her actual modern family: a tight-knit group of friends and relatives from her native Colombia. In honor of the show's syndicated run on USA Network, join the fun and see how Sofia's crew effortlessly becomes the life of every after-party and brings warmth to Sofia's red carpet rides. 

They psych each other up as a team.

They stick together for red carpet photo opportunities.

They stage shots to show glamour is hereditary.

They spend time getting to know Sofia's "Modern Family."

Most importantly, they know how to party, together.

Don't miss it—“Modern Family” is now on USA Network five nights a week.

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