Elena Ramos: Good Girl Gone Bad?

"dallas" season 3

Jordana Brewster discusses her character's evolution on "Dallas."

Feb 24, 2014 | 07:15 PM

Talk about a girl gone bad.

"Dallas" season 3 premieres Monday night on TNT, and fans can expect a meaner (and sexier) Ewing clan as the wealthy and ambitious family continues its machinations in the oil and cattle-ranching industries. But, have they finally gotten the best of good girl Elena Ramos (Jordana Brewster)?

"They [the writers] still retain the character's core and Elena's moral integreity throughout," Brewster explained to TV Fanatic, "but she's definitely different...I joke that Elena had a halo, and that halo is definitely gone in season three," she added. 

The daughter of the Ewing family cook, Elena is also Christopher Ewing's (Jesse Metcalfe) fiancé as well as the love interest of ambitious John Ross (Josh Henderson). And don't expect her to get away from this troubling triangle of love. "I think she's always going to be drawn to the Ewings because there's just so much history there." Brewster said. "I think that allegiance it's essential right now," she concludes.    

"Dallas" Season 3 premieres Monday February 24 at 9:00 p.m. ET on TNT. Follow Jordana Brewster for more updates. 

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