Johnathon Schaech Makes His "Star-Crossed" Debut

out of this world

The "Ray Donovan" actor will play the uncle to Matt Lanter’s teenage alien Roman on tonight's episode of the CW's new series, "Star-Crossed."

Feb 24, 2014 | 03:02 PM

Johnathon Schaech is about to take on a new role that's out of this world.

The "Ray Donovan" actor will make his debut on tonight's episode of the CW's new teen sci-fi drama, "Star-Crossed." He plays the part of Castor, uncle to Roman, a tattooed teenaged alien with a soft spot for his human classmate, Emery.

The show centers around the budding romance between Roman and Emery in a time when the aliens (known as "Atrians") and humans struggle to live side by side.

Schaech's uncle Castor is said to have a dark past as a militant Atrian, though he now claims to be pro-integration. We'll see how much he's really changed on tonight's episode.

Scroll down for a sneak peek of Castro (and his tatooed alien muscles) and don't forget to tune in to the CW tonight to catch his first episode of "Star-Crossed."

"Star-Crossed" airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST on the CW.


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