Your Sochi 2014 Russian Dictionary

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Get a leg up on the competition with Russian vocab lessons from Olympic medalist Summer Sanders.

Feb 20, 2014 | 09:11 PM

With the end of the Sochi Olympics only a few days away, it's time to bone up on your Russian vocab and surprise your friends with your impressive knowledge of Olympic terminology.

Each day at Sochi, Summer Sanders has shared a relevant Russian word or phrase, such as "gold medal" and "victory," along with its English translation and pronunciation. Two weeks later, we've got quite the vocabulary list.

Ready to brush up on your Russian? Let's get started:

Celebration: Праздник, pronounced "praz-dnik"


Goal: цель, prounounced “tsee-ell”

Gold Medal
: золотая медаль, prounounced “zol-o-ta-ya med-ayl.”

: хорошо, prounounced “kho-ro-sho.”

Goodbye: до свидания, pronounced “do svid-ani-ya”

Good Day
: добрый день, prounounced “dob-bray dyen.”

Good Night
: спокойной ночи, prounounced “spo-koy-nay noche.”

Let’s Go!
: Давай, prounounced “da-vai.”

: любовь, prounounced “lu-boyv.”

: чудо, prounounced “chu-da.”

Olympic Games
: Олимпийские игры, prounounced “o-lim-piy-skiye igra”

: открытия, prounounced "ot-kry-tiia."

: пожалуйста, prounounced “pa-zhal-sta.”

: лето, prounounced "la-ti."

Thank You
: спасибо, prounounced "spa-si-ba."

: победа, prounounced “bor-bee-ayda.”

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