Your Russian Word of the Day Is "Love"

sochi word of the day

In honor of Valentine's Day, Olympic medalist Summer Sanders teaches us an appropriate Russian word.

Feb 14, 2014 | 04:43 PM

Happy Valentine’s Day, WhoSayers! To celebrate the day of love, Summer Sanders is bringing us another appropriate “Russian Word of the Day” from Sochi.

The former competitive swimmer and Olympic medalist is covering all of the action in Sochi for, and sharing her experiences on WhoSay. Yesterday, Summer taught us the word for “miracle”: чудо, which is pronounced “chu-da.” Today, in commemoration of Valentine’s Day, Summer brings us the word for “love”: любовь, which is pronounced “lu-boyv.”

See the video of Summer's lesson below, and scroll down for more photos of Summer and the athletes in Sochi!

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