Your Russian Word of the Day Is "Miracle"

sochi word of the day

Olympic medalist Summer Sanders teaches us another Russian word.

Feb 13, 2014 | 06:34 PM

Another day at Sochi means another edition of "Russian Word of the Day" with Summer Sanders!

The former competitive swimmer and Olympic medalist is covering all of the action in Sochi for, and sharing her experiences on WhoSay. Yesterday, in honor of her name (and to remind us of better and brighter times), Summer taught us a familiar Russian word: "summer," лето, which is pronounced "la-ti."

Today, after watching the U.S. Men’s Hockey team compete for the first time in the 2014 games, Summer is teaching us the word for “miracle”: чудо, which is pronounced “chu-da.” The word also ties into a #TBT reference for "The Miracle on Ice"—the amazing gold medal win for the U.S. Men's Hockey team in 1980. Let's hope Team USA has what it takes for another gold medal win!

See the video of Summer's lesson below, and scroll down for more photos of Summer and the athletes in Sochi!

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