Name That Celebrity Cat!

guessing game

Be the first to correctly guess this celebrity cat’s name and get a retweet from the WhoSay staff.

Feb 12, 2014 | 08:01 PM

Happy hump day, WhoSayers! To help you get through the remainder of the work week, it's time to play another round of "Name That Celebrity Pet!"

In our last edition of “Name That Celebrity Pet,” we asked you to identify Jessica Biel’s favorite four-legged friend, Tina. Today, we’re showing some love to all the cat lovers out there with this delightfully darling little kitty, who is just as cute all grown up as he was as a kitten.

Can you name this celebrity cat? For a chance to have your answer retweeted by the WhoSay staff, tweet your best guess @Whosay with the hashtag #NameThatCelebPet. Remember—spelling counts!

Hint: This lucky guy has not one, but two celebrity owners.

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