Name That Celebrity Dog!—Answer Revealed

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Find out who was the first to correctly guess this week's edition of "Name That Celebrity Dog!"

Feb 3, 2014 | 07:42 PM

Did you correctly guess our first “Name That Celebrity Dog!” entry?

Reumah Sumitran did!

@WhoSay Jessica Biel's dog named " Tina"

— Reumah Sumitran (@reumahsumitran) February 1, 2014


This precious pit belongs to none other than "Total Recall" star Jessica Biel,  who adopted Tina when she was just a puppy.

The two have been inseparable since Tina was tiny, and sometimes Tina forgets that she’s no longer a little girl.

Tina has become a regular in our social media feeds thanks to Jessica’s weekly installations of #TuesdayswithTina, where Tina can be spotted enjoying the family swimming pool, snuggling with her lovely owner, and in various states of repose.

Tina’s always willing to lend a helping paw, especially when it means modeling Jessica’s brother Justin’s new line of gear—BARE—which features sustainable travel bags and accessories.

We'd like to give a special shout-out to those WhoSay commenters who identified Tina: Lea Santos, Lisa Arnason, Alejandra Rodriguez, and Shawna Common. Way to go, guys!

Thanks for playing "Name That Celebrity Dog," and congratulations to those who guessed correctly!


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