Get Your Hands on a Tom Hanks Typewriter

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Start your own typewriter collection with any one of these Tom Hanks-approved vintage typewriters.

Feb 4, 2014 | 03:20 PM

It’s no secret that Tom Hanks has a thing for vintage typewriters—he even wrote a love letter to them for the New York Times. Although he admits that he uses his computer for “real work” (or Reddit AMAs), he writes that “for less important doodles in text, the kind that go no farther than your desk or refrigerator door, the tactile pleasure of typing old school is incomparable to what you get from a de rigueur laptop.”

He continues: “The sound of typing is one reason to own a vintage manual typewriter—alas, there are only three reasons, and none of them are ease or speed. In addition to sound, there is the sheer physical pleasure of typing; it feels just as good as it sounds, the muscles in your hands control the volume and cadence of the aural assault so that the room echoes with the staccato beat of your synapses.”

Tom sure has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to selecting an “instrument” for his doodles: His collection consists of vintage models from different countries around the world.

If his manifesto has you itching for a typewriter to call your own, we’ve found some models from Tom’s extensive collection online. Although they aren’t exactly cheap, we can’t imagine a better way to bang out a first draft of that detective novel you’ve always been meaning to write. Take a look:


Olympia Model SM8 German Typewriter (1960s)

Vintage LC Smith Corona Typewriter (1946-1947)
Clearly one of Tom’s favorite models—he takes it everywhere!

IBM Selectric I Typewriter (1960s)
Not in Tom’s blue, but the same model.

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