The Games Nina Dobrev Plays

cabin fever

This is what happens when vampires get snowed in.

Jan 31, 2014 | 08:01 PM

What does Nina Dobrev do when she's stuck inside due to bad weather? She plays Cards Against Humanity, of course!

"The Vampire Diaries" star shared this photo with her fans as unexpected snowstorm Leon made its landfall over Atlanta, blanketing the otherwise balmy (and totally unprepared for winter weather) southern town with two inches of snow.  

"Doing our best to Survive #snowpocalypse," wrote Nina on this WhoSay post as Leon caused a massive traffic jam that resulted in over 1,200 car accidents and 130 injuries, and left thousands stranded at school, work, and on the road. 

"Bend Spoon playing #Spoons. It's getting intense ...... #cardgames," Nina captioned another post, which shows her and her pals trying to make the most out of being stuck inside in "not so Hotlanta."

However, Nina did go outside at some point to check out the rare snow with "TVD" co-star Candice Accola. And, judging by the happy expressions on their faces, they got a kick out of the Snowpocalypse that engulfed the home of TVD.


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