Debra Messing's Broadway Battle Scars

act at your own risk

Debra's latest project, "Outside Mullingar," is testing her mettle (and immune system).

Jan 29, 2014 | 02:41 PM

Whoever thinks acting is easy certainly hasn't seen Debra Messing's latest battle scars. The former "Will & Grace" actress recently made her Broadway debut in "Outside Mullingar," a romantic comedy from writer John Patrick Shanley. Debra has been tackling her role with gusto, as evidenced by her behind-the-scenes posts from her dressing room. Of course, you can't tackle something without walking away with a few marks (and sniffles)—but that's nothing a little Meryl can't fix. Let's take a look below:

1. Makeup, pretty standard.

2. Ouch, not exactly what we'd expect from a romantic comedy. Now we feel kind of guilty telling Debra to "break a leg."

3. If bodily injury wasn't enough, Debra came down with a terrible cold (her steamer reminds us a little too much of Dennis Hopper from "Blue Velvet").

4. Luckily, she's fighting the good fight with vitamins and meds.

5. Alan Cumming even sent her a care package! Aww.

6. Just when we thought the worst was over...

7. Of course, nothing cures the common cold like a drop-in from Meryl Streep. Get well soon, Debra! And... don't break a leg this time!

To purchase tickets to "Outside Mullingar," click here.


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