What's Your State's Most Popular TV Show?

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Find out the most popular television series set on your home turf.

Jan 27, 2014 | 05:51 PM

Now that you know your state's favorite movie, it's time to broaden your pop culture-infused horizons with this new map of the most popular TV show set in every state.

Prepared by Business Insider from a Reddit map shared by user SomeGuyFromCanada, the map shows the most popular television series set in each state. The selections were based on each show's "longevity, audience and critical acclaim" and "lasting impact on American culture and television" using info from IMDB/Metacritic and various awards ceremonies.

For a zoomable version of the map, click here

Alabama ("Any Day Now")

Alaska ("Northern Exposure")

Arizona ("Medium")

Arkansas ("Evening Shade")

California ("The Brady Bunch")

Colorado ("South Park")

Connecticut ("Soap")

Delaware ("The Pretender")

Florida ("The Golden Girls")

Georgia ("The Walking Dead")

Hawaii ("Hawaii Five-0")

Idaho ("The Manhunter")

Illinois ("Married With Children")

Indiana ("Parks & Recreation")

Iowa ("American Pickers")

Kansas ("Smallville")

Kentucky ("Justified")

Louisiana ("True Blood")

Maine ("Murder She Wrote")

Maryland ("The Wire")

Massachusetts ("Cheers")

Michigan ("Home Improvement")

Minnesota ("Mary Tyler Moore")

Mississippi ("In the Heat of the Night")

Missouri ("Grace Under Fire")

Montana ("Buckskin")

Nevada ("Bonanza")

Nebraska ("The Young Riders")

New Hampshire ("The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire")

New Jersey ("The Sopranos")

New Mexico ("Breaking Bad")

New York ("Seinfield")

North Carolina ("The Andy Griffith Show")

North Dakota ("My Secret Identity")

Ohio ("Family Ties")

Oklahoma ("Saving Grace")

Oregon ("Eureka")

Pennsylvania ("The Office")

Rhode Island ("Family Guy")

South Carolina ("Army Wives")

South Dakota ("Deadwood")

Tennessee ("Nashville")

Texas ("Walker, Texas Ranger")

Utah ("Big Love")

Vermont ("Newhart")

Virginia ("Homeland")

Washington ("Frasier")

West Virginia ("Hawkins")

Wisconsin ("Happy Days")

Wyoming ("The Virginian")


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