Rosario Dawson's New Role Will Break Your Heart

gimme shelter

Rosario Dawson plays the part of a drug-addicted and abusive mother in her latest film, "Gimme Shelter."

Jan 24, 2014 | 07:14 PM

You might not like Rosario Dawson's character in "Gimme Shelter," but you won't be able to look away.

The "Sin City" actress drew upon her own troubled childhood experiences for her latest role as June Bailey, a drug-addicted and abusive mom who turns against her daugher Apple, played by Vanessa Hudgens.

In a recent interview, Rosario opened up about her role, saying, "My mom is a teen mom...I've grown up in a lot of different shelters and things, so it all touches my heart. I grew up with family members who were drug addled...I had no idea, you know, just really the depth of getting into it, and what that was going to do, and how upsetting and raw it was."

Rosario went on to explain how she used her own personal experiences to get into character: "This affects real people. This is something I've personally been affected by; I have family members with heroin and crack addictions...It was a pleasure in a lot of waysit was really distressing, and it was really hard, and it was a pleasure to really show that type of human being, and that struggle, because I think we can all really relate to it."

To purchase tickets for "Gimme Shelter," showing in theaters now, click here. For more information about "Gimme Shelter," visit the film's official website and follow Rosario Dawson on WhoSay.


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