Shiri Appleby Talks About That Scene in "Girls"

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"Roswell" and "Girls" actress Shiri Appleby tells us what it's like to get the last word.

Jan 18, 2014 | 06:21 PM

It's a scene everyone has dreamed of being able to enact in real life, and Shiri Appleby, in the premiere episode of Season 3 of "Girls," got to do it for all of us. As Natalia, she told off—fully excoriated—her ex-boyfriend Adam (played by Adam Driver), and got the last word. We asked Shiri about life on the set of "Girls," what it was like to shoot this scene, and what is next.

How did you land the role of Natalia? Were you surprised? What was the audition process like?


The scene in which your character confronts Adam (Adam Driver) with Angie (Amy Schumer) was probably the most memorable part of episode one—and it was within the first five minutes! What did it take to get it right? Did you and Amy do any improvising?


For this role, you had some very physical scenes in which you had to be very vulnerable—how do you prepare for something like that?


How do your early 20s compare to the experiences of the "Girls" characters?

What is next for you?

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