Nina Dobrev's Guide to Trying Everything Once

when in rome

Let our resident adventurer teach you the art of effortlessly blending into your surroundings.

Nov 9, 2013 | 08:05 PM

Nina is a jet-setter, and the "Vampire Diaries" star is comfortable in any setting—from the calm of the beach to the chaos of the Tokyo streets. If her posts are any indication, she's always up for an adventure, and gamely throws herself into the culture and customs of wherever her whims take her. Listen up and follow along with Nina as she demonstrates a life lived fully.

When in Tokyo…buy a kimono ASAP.

When at a lakehouse…take in the scenery from every perspective.

When you encounter a rope swing…take the plunge.

When front-row at a concert…lose yourself in the moment.

When the boat's moving fast…grab onto to the rope and wakeboard.

When the sand is soft…it's cartwheel time.

When attending a theme party…really go for it.

When popping in at Comic-Con…watch out for Wolverine.

When in Thailand…make a furry friend.

When standing next to a horse…KISS THE HORSE!

When the water's calm…go deeper.

When the hammocks are human-sized…roll around—you can relax later.

When you see Buddha…find your calm, no matter how high up you are.

When you're in the mood for yoga…strike a pose, no matter where you are.

When the drinks are served in coconuts…you're doing something right.

When visiting your homeland…salute!

When attending the Super Bowl…find the most out-of-place person, and make sure he gets in the picture.

When in the African savannah…feed the animals, two by two.

When a baby tiger lets you hold it…hold still.

When visiting Disney World…let your ears do the talking.

When your eyes are bigger than your stomach…oh, well!

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