6 Herculean Stunts Performed by Kellan Lutz

the legend of hercules

Kellan Lutz revealed that he did all of his own stunts in “The Legend of Hercules.”

Jan 9, 2014 | 05:35 PM

Kellan Lutz has been busy promoting his new film, “The Legend of Hercules,” which premieres in U.S. theaters January 10. In a recent interview with CleverTV, the muscled actor reveals that he did all of his own stunts for the movie. Those who have seen the action-packed trailer know that’s not an insignificant feat. 

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 6 of the most impressive stunts Kellan performed during the filming (and promotion) of  “The Legend of Hercules.” Take a look below. 


1. Fighting his enemies on horseback.

In an interview with Knoxville, Kellan said, “I had to learn how to ride a horse very quickly so that really works your legs. My legs had never been so big because you’re squeezing into the saddle. Also, your abdominals. I’d rather snowboard or play basketball than be in the gym. But I loved riding horses. They’re beautiful animals.” 


2. Hurling a heavy iron chain like it ain’t no thang.

...And we thought Indiana Jones' whip was cool.


3. Holding an armored man over his head. 

We’ll do our best to suspend our belief here, but we have a hunch that CGI may have had some part in this too. 


4. Leaping over fire while wielding a heavy sword.

We’re more impressed with his ability to keep his battle skirt perfectly in place.


5. Making out with his lovely co-star, Gaia Weiss.

Yeah. That must have been really tough for you, Kellan.


6. Impressing CleverTV host Dana Ward with his IRL strength.

No CGI here, folks. 

Catch Kellan in action in “The Legend of Hercules,” in theaters January 10.


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