Ralphie’s Grown-Up Christmas Story

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Forget the Red Ryder BB Gun—now that Ralphie is all grown up, all he wants for Christmas is a girlfriend.

Dec 23, 2013 | 09:01 PM

It’s safe to say that “A Christmas Story” is a part of the holiday canon—a classic Christmas movie that nearly everyone and their parents (and grandparents… and great-grandparents) has seen. It's been 30 years since the film originally aired in 1983 and we have to wonder—what ever happened to Ralphie? Now, thanks to Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi, we know.

The dynamic writing team wrote, directed, and starred in “Ralphie,” a three-part web series about Ralphie (er, “Ralph”) as an adult, still pining after something just out of his reach during Christmas—a girlfriend. The first, second, and third webisodes can all be seen on Funny or Die.

“Ralphie” stays amazingly true to “A Christmas Story”—his friends, bullies, and teachers are all grown up too (and, of course, they work for the Ovaltine Corporation). When asked what inspired them to make “Ralphie,” Matt and Ben told WhoSay:

“The idea for Ralphie came about when writer and lead actor Matt Wolpert was once again being told that he looks just like that kid from that Christmas movie, but all grown up," they said. 

"As you can see from the poster, Matt and Ralphie look scarily similar.  In fact, Matt is frequently told he looks more like Ralphie today than Peter Billingsley, the guy who actually played the role.”

They added, “So one day, instead of us just joking about it, we started wondering what would the little boy from A Christmas Story really be like when he grew up?”

We have to say—Matt and Ralphie do look eerily alike (Peter Billingsley seems to have lost Ralphie’s signature bespectacled, chubby-cheeked look).

So, before or after you watch “A Christmas Story” for the thousandth time this holiday season, click here and check out “Ralphie” on Funny or Die. Will he get the girl? Will he make his Ovaltine sales for this quarter? You’ll only find out if you tune in.

Follow Matt and Ben for more behind-the-scenes pictures from “Ralphie” including a stunning special FX “shot” from Matt, as seen below.

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