The Sinister Adventures of Angie Harmon's Elves

elf on the shelf

Angie Harmon's elves on the shelf make mischief this holiday season.

Dec 20, 2013 | 09:10 PM

Angie Harmon may have accidently misplaced her first Elf on the Shelf, Willie, but that doesn’t mean her kids are off the hook just yet. The “Rizzoli & Isles” star has been sharing photos of her new elf, who's taken mischief-making to sinister heights as he makes his rounds in the Harmon household.

Fortunately, Willie showed up just in time to join his cousin for some holiday mischief. Angie's eldest daughter, twelve-year-old Finley, took notice of her mom's sneaky swap: "#1 saw that the elf was different & @jasonsehorn denied it. I said he went 2 la, got Botox & fillers. Happily, they had no idea what I meant," she posted on Twitter.

Check out photos of Willie and Rowdy's antics below and be sure to follow Angie Harmon to see what trouble these cute little elves get into next.

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