Eric Stonestreet’s Incredible Eggnog Shake

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The “Modern Family” actor shares his favorite Christmas recipes and Midwestern holiday traditions with Bon Appetit.

Dec 17, 2013 | 08:45 PM

Eric Stonestreet sure knows how to do the holidays right. Born in the Midwest, the “Modern Family” actor takes Christmas incredibly seriously, from decorating his house like Clark Griswold from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” to making the perfect day-after-Christmas leftover sandwich (for the record, “you take croissant rolls, put gravy on top, turkey, mashed potatoes, cheese, [and] more gravy”).

In a recent interview with Bon Appetit magazine, he shares all of his tips for the holidays, including a “recipe” for a holiday drink so amazing we’re mad we didn’t think of it first.

Eric tells Bon Appetit: “I just discovered something: Eggnog, peppermint ice cream, and rum, made into a milkshake. You’re welcome.”

Obviously, you can choose to leave out the rum for a drink that’s only slightly more virtuous, but hey—it’s Christmas. Live a little.

Read the rest of the interview here and make sure to follow Eric Stonestreet for more of his musings, behind-the-scenes shots from “Modern Family,” and Christmas magic, like this video right here:

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