Liz McClarnon's Christmas Cooking Tips

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Get cooking tips from pop singer and winner of "Celebrity Masterchef," Liz McClarnon.

Dec 17, 2013 | 02:49 PM

The holiday season is a time for family and friendsnot scrambling around the kitchen and stressing over Christmas dinner. To assist in making your holidays as foolproof as possible, "Celebrity Masterchef" winner Liz McClarnon has offered us 10 handy tips that will make your Christmas cooking a snap.

1) My mum has always (since I can remember) cooked the bird upside down and then with half an hour to spare turned it the right way up to brown it. You end up with super moist meat. Yum!

2) When baking your potatoes, try putting little cubes of chorizo in there with them. The fat crisps up the spuds and they end up with a great taste.

3) Sprouts HAVE to happen on Christmas Day, so why not blanch them then chop them up and fry them off with bacon. Much better.

4) Prep your veg (or anything you can) the night before!  Christmas Day is about enjoying yourself and relaxing.

5) Treat everyone to a "fry up". It's the name that us in Liverpool give to baking/frying up ALL the Christmas dinner leftovers (even including the condiments) later in the evening. Add a little extra gravy and it's a delight!

6) Make your fridge colder. The more you have in it, the colder it needs to be.

7) Cooking a turkey normally, the legs take longer to cook than the breast, so try putting stuffing under the skin of the breast.

8) Try a different kind of gravy. It really isn't much different than making a normal one, just with a few more ingredients. I like sherry and shallot gravy. Start as normal with the juicy bits from the bottom of the baking tray in a pan, add the roasting juices. Add some thyme and chopped shallots. Add flour and whisk for 2-3 minutes. Add mustard, then pour in the sherry and some stock. Cook until thickened. Amazing!

9) Desiree potatoes are in my opinion the best when roasted.

10) Make sure your knives are sharp. It honestly makes it all so much easier. Time wise, stress wise and not-hacking-at-something-so-much-you-lose-a-finger wise.

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