Sofia Vergara's Fiance’s Savory Snack

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Here’s how we’d use Nick Loeb’s Onion Crunch in our kitchen.

Dec 11, 2013 | 10:36 PM

Sofia Vergara’s fiancé, Nick Loeb, recently started an equity crowdfunding campaign to expand his Crispy Condiment Company (try saying that three times fast). He hopes to add more inventive toppings to his condiment line, which currently features the popular fried onion topping Onion Crunch.

Sofia strongly supports Nick’s dreams to launch a condiment empire. The style maven even ditched her designer duds to wear an Onion Crunch t-shirt. Now that’s what we call love.

Although we’ve never tried Onion Crunch for ourselves, we can only imagine that it’s incredibly delicious. Aside from eating them straight out of the bottle like Chef Josh Capon, here are a few ways we’d use these fried flakes into our kitchen.

1.  In a Green Bean Casserole

Substitute Onion Crunch for French-fried onion rings, and you have a classic holiday side that you can bring to Christmas dinner.

2. On top of a cheeseburger

The combination of crunchy fried onions and gooey cheese sounds pretty unbeatable to us.

3. On top of a hotdog


4. In mashed potatoes

Forget the main dish. With bacon, gooey cheese, and crispy onions, this mashed potato bake is all we want to eat for dinner.

5. As breading for fried chicken

Add flavor and texture to your fried chicken by finely crushing Onion Crunch and using it in place of panko in this Asian-inspired fried chicken recipe.

6. In a grilled cheese sandwich

Why not add some bacon while you’re at it?

Have you tried Onion Crunch before? How would you use it at home? Let us know in the comments.


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