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Dec 3, 2013 | 06:06 PM

The Rock goes into the water


Gwyneth and Rihanna say...


Willow gets a kiss


Tom has a rough day at work


Goldie and Dwyane exchange presents


Nikki stomps the yard


Andy hooks a big one


A mermaid meets some landlubbers


Chris gets ready to rock


John and Bob enjoy a quiet evening in


Jessica gets a helping hand


Steven reports for duty


Neil sends word from an expedition


Kristen welcomes us to the gun show


Cool girls Sarah, Cyndi, and Juliette hang out after school


Matthew asks, and Camila says "Yes"


Tom shows us the power of collaboration


We meet Tracy's huggable friend


Jenna rides in a car with a boy


Reese and Chelsea ride off into the sunset

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