What Makes Glamour UK's Hottest Men So Hot?

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Let us show you why our favorite WhoSay hotties are the “sexiest men” of 2013.

Dec 6, 2013 | 07:52 PM

When Glamour UK released its annual list of the 100 “Sexiest Men” of 2013, we were pleased (but not surprised) to see that many of our favorite WhoSay hunks made the cut. Although there’s no question that their smokin’ hot looks had a major part to do with it, we also like to think that true sexiness lies beneath the surface. Scroll down to see how your favorite WhoSay guys placed and find out what it is about them that really makes our hearts pound.

#98. Matthew McConaughey: He loves kids.

The Texan-born actor founded the j.k. livin foundation, a non-profit “dedicated to helping teenage kids lead active lives and make healthy choices to become great men and women.”


#82. Anson Mount: He doesn't let fame go to his head. 

The "Hell on Wheels" actor could have gone full Hollywood by now, but he hasn't. Whether meeting New York's finest or George R.R. Martin, he geeks out just like the rest of us.


#78. Kellan Lutz: He’s young at heart.

Don’t let his muscles fool you. Between playing laser tag with his buddies, hanging out on the Sesame Street set, and getting psyched for “Despicable Me 2,” the “Hercules” star is just a big goofy kid in sexy person’s clothing.


#64. Justin Timberlake: He has an awesome wife, Jessica Biel.

What’s the saying? Behind every great man is a great woman? Case in point: Jessica Biel, our favorite girl crush.


#58. Tom Daley: He’s brave. 

He may not be on WhoSay, but we admire the British diver for coming out so publicly last week (John Barrowman agrees).


#47. James Franco: He’s insanely creative and willing to try anything. 

Actor. Writer. Director. Ivy League Graduate. Kanye impersonator. Is there anything James Franco can’t do?


#17. Channing Tatum: He’s a mama’s boy at heart.

The “White House Down” actor may be known for being a tough guy on screen, but deep down, he’s a big ol’ softie.


#4. Tom Hiddleston: He cares about the underprivileged. 

He may play a bad guy in “Thor,” but Tom Hiddleston is an all-around awesome person. To raise awareness about people living below the poverty line, he lived on a meager £1 per day for a week. Oh, and he also happens to have incredible dance moves.

For a complete list of Glamour UK’s “Sexiest Men” of 2013, click here. Is your favorite hunk missing from the list? Let us know and show him some love in the comments.


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