5 Best Celebrity Reactions to Tom Daley Coming Out

No Hate

Though many stars supported British Olympic diver Tom Daley's decision to come out, these five celebrity reactions are the most awesome ones by far.

Dec 6, 2013 | 07:27 PM

Despite the progress made in recent years when it comes to advancing LGBT rights, there's still a lot of prejudice among young people who frequent social networking sites. Ask Tom Daley, the British Olympic diver who came out in a moving YouTube video last week, unleashing an outpouring of negative reactions on Twitter and other social channels.

Luckily, many celebrities went the other way praising the 19-year-old Olympian for this courageous step. Se below five of the most awesome ones:

1. Greg Louganis ("Focus on the Diving"): The American Olympic diver, only male and second diver to sweep the diving competition in consecutive Olympic Games (1984 and 1988), tweeted his support for Daley calling him "brave" for coming out and urging him to focus on his diving.

2. Kylie Minogue ("#RespectTom"): The Australian pop diva was one of the first ones tweeting her love and support for Daley by describing him as "inspiring" and "brave" and reminding her followers to be tolerant by using the hashtag #RespectTom. 

3. Lady Gaga (Boycott Anti-Gay): Though "Mother Monster," an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights, gave her support to the 19-year-old Team GB diver, she also asked him to take a more political stand by avoiding to dive in "anti-gay countries."

4. Harry Styles ("Take It or Leave It"): The member of boy band One Direction took to Twitter to tell Daley he didn't need a five-minute video explaining his sexuality when three seconds would've been enough. "Take it or leave it," he said.

5. John Barrowman ("A National Treasure"): The "Arrow" star posted this moving video calling Daley "a role model for young men and women" and describing him as "a national treasure."

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