Is Sir Ian McKellen Leaving Broadway Behind?

waiting for gandalf

The distinguished actor announces his plan to leave Broadway after completing his performances in “Waiting for Godot” and “No Man’s Land.”

Dec 4, 2013 | 12:45 AM

In case you were wondering why Gandalf wasn’t around for the red carpet premiere of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” yesterday, it’s for a very good reason: Sir Ian McKellen is currently starring in two Broadway plays alongside his friend and "X-Men" co-star Patrick Stewart—Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot” and Harold Pinter’s “No Man’s Land.” Actress Liv Tyler recently shared a snapshot of Sir Ian in his dressing room, preparing for his "No Man's Land" performance:

Although both plays are a hit with critics and audiences alike, Sir Ian has been claiming in press interviews that he plans to retire from Broadway after the the two plays finish on March 2. He told Entertainment Weekly that he “[thinks] this will be [his] last outing on Broadway, probably, so I might as well go out with a bang doing two plays in wonderful company.”

Whatever happens, we’re glad to know that the actor will continue to grace the silver screen as Gandalf in “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” in theaters December 13.

If you’re interested in catching Magneto and Professor Xavier on Broadway, click here for more information on where to buy tickets.

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