Meet Kevin Bacon's Alter Ego, Melvin Macon


This weekend, Kevin Bacon encourages holiday shoppers to purchase gifts from locally owned businesses that give a portion of each sale to charity.

Nov 29, 2013 | 08:00 PM

For the past two years, “Shift Your Shopping” has encouraged holiday shoppers to steer clear of big-chain stores in favor of small businesses. This season, the campaign has teamed up with Causetown to donate a portion of local sales to charity—a partnership they’re now calling “Shift Your Shopping For Good.”

Kevin Bacon has also picked up the cause (and a bushy moustache), starring in an amazing, instructive infomercial as his alter ego, “Melvin Macon.” Take a look:

An important note: Customers must specify that they want a portion of their sale donated; it’s not automatic for all purchases. Visit for a detailed list of participating vendors and support your local businesses this holiday season.

We love how busy Kevin has been this year—between his work with Shift Your Shopping for Good and his involvement with the Food Bank For New York City, the actor is a shining example of how giving back is truly the reason for the season. Kudos, Kevin!


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